How does scaling your eComm Store to 6 and 7 figures with Google and Facebook ads sound?

It sounds even better if you’ve tried these ads yourself in the past but not had the results you’d hoped for, or worse exhausted your ad budget (and maybe yourself) along the way. 

But you see them working for your competitors and want to hit that ‘magic formula’. 

That’s exactly why more and more eComms are coming to us.

Because our marketing team scales eCommerce stores profitably…


We help eComm store owners profitably scale their store revenue using Google and Facebook Ads.

You might know from experience that they’re not so easy to manage. Despite the signposting and training they offer, and their intuitive feel, they tend to eat away at your budget in the blink of an eye…

Because success is all about the extra detail and data feedback that our Torn Digital experts handle perfectly.

Allowing you to focus on running your eComm store while we drive premium, conversion-focused traffic to it.

We establish your target marketing strategy, create your ads, launch and manage your campaigns, and optimize performance until your leads are flowing in consistently and even on-demand.

We specialize in eComms.

It works too! We have the case studies and testimonies to prove it.

We’re 100% cIt’s all we do. That’s why we put our money where our mouth is with performance-based pricing.

What this means to you: qualified, high-converting traffic to your store. Consistently. That’s our offer. You get to work on your store and customer service.

What keeps our eComm clients with us long-term? We only get paid for the revenue we produce. Which means we HAVE to get the results for you if we’re to benefit too! And you know what? We always do! A WIN-WIN in every sense.

Please Note: Due to the amount of risk we take on with this program, we only service a limited number of clients and we screen carefully to ensure your maximum success with us. Media costs are covered by clients, and a setup fee may apply if there is no existing funnel in place and no product-to-market data is available.

Why Performance-Based?

After consulting with countless eComm store owners about their challenges in the past, we knew we had to be different. They’d failed on their own or been burned by other agencies. We had to restore that trust, and asking you to pay only for results checked that box.

“Sounds Great. So What’s the Catch?”

No catch. Our track record is phenomenal enough for us to put our money where our mouth is. Think about it this way: We wouldn’t make this offer if we weren’t 100% sure our Facebook and Google ads could scale our clients’ revenue profitably.

All that we ask is that your product or service has a validated funnel and market proof (in other words, people want to buy it!) Without this, a setup fee may apply.

How Do We Do It?

Our team of eComm experts has worked with hundreds of eComm stores and knows the power that Google and Facebook Ads wield over prospective online traffic.

In fact, we’re so confident in our ability to deliver on your goals that we work on a performance-based retainer.

We are a great fit when…

You’re just starting out

You’ve invested a lot in design and the store interface and it all looks great. Consider it in safe hands for the next step! Attracting sales! It’s what we do every day.

Sales Nose-Dived

You’d been doing great, but now your store’s acting like there are no new customers out there. We’ll get you fresh traffic, consistently, on-demand.

You don’t have the time to market your store

Great… This means you’re selling! But who doesn’t want more success? Standing still in business is the same as going backwards. We’ll get you so many more customers to ensure your future scaling.

Check out our results

Fitness Store

The client wanted to achieve 2x – we achieved ROAS OF 5x
With an ad spend of just $15,000 sales of over $800k were achieved

Over 1.1 million products sold
All in one month of ads running

Famous Beauty Brand

Client was having a hard time scaling their Facebook Ads, we scaled business revenue close to $1M in just 60 days

Increased The Conversion Rates From 1.1% To 3.2%
ROAS of 4.5x

Ready to Scale?