Employer Branding and its influence on employee retention: A literature review

If you are using email marketing to talk about your business products or services there are some proven tactics that will make sure your campaigns are more effective.

Research by Getresponse shows Email marketing is still one of the most powerful ways to reach your customers. For any business, it’s a great way to communicate with your customers and establish long-lasting relationships. Below are the top five things that will ensure your customer finds your emails valuable and continues to open them into the future.

The Top Five

1. Go organic.

Grow your email list organically, not by purchasing a list. By using a sign-up form on your website letting your customers know why they should sign up and how often they will receive an email from you will help with your list grow. The most effective way is to require your subscribers to opt-in to receive emails. The reason is if they can confirm they want to receive your email, it’s more likely they will see your emails in their inbox.

2. Be Welcoming.

Always send a welcome email when someone signs up. This way they feel acknowledged as a valued member/subscriber and it’s your opportunity to set the tone for the ongoing relationship through future emails.

3. Grab Attention.

Use pre-header text to grab attention and ensure your message will be opened. This is especially important on mobile. Increasingly people are reading their emails on mobile devices so an attention-grabbing pre-header will give you an edge in a customer’s inbox.

4. Stay Relevant.

Make sure you are being relevant to your customer with every message. By using segment lists every message speaks directly to your customer at the right buying cycle they are in. This can be determined by knowing how long the buying cycle lasts. A customer will quickly unsubscribe when they receive an email they feel has nothing to do with them. So don’t give your audience an excuse to leave.

5. Automate.

Create a customer journey that nurtures the customer and provides valuable content in every email. This is one of the most powerful methods of keeping top of mind, as long as your emails are relevant. And it’s never been easier to setup through your email marketing platform. You can choose triggers that send emails when your customer visits a page or reads a post. Or distribute your messages in a chronological way.

Next time you are about to send an email to your audience, take a moment to see if you have implemented the above points. Compare the results and measure the effectiveness of your next email campaign. You’ll be rewarded with better audience engagement and increase in sales enquiries.

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