Pilot Campaigns

Not ready to deep dive into the full ABM path? Why not start with a pilot campaign? Partnering with Torn Digital for a tailored account-based marketing pilot program allows you to test and validate your strategies on a smaller scale, ensuring effectiveness and refinement before expanding your efforts.
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Whether you’re launching a 1:many, 1:few, or 1:1 ABM pilot, supporting your in-house ABM team, or developing a comprehensive ABM Centre of Excellence, Torn Digital has the expertise to turn your ABM aspirations into reality.

An ABM pilot campaign serves as a trial run, validating the feasibility and effectiveness of a larger ABM strategy.
It acts as the initial step in the next phase of your B2B company’s expansion, providing a proof of concept for your broader go-to-market strategy.

You may already be researching an ABM platform to launch your pilot campaign—whether it’s Terminus, Demandbase, or something similar—which is a great starting point. Where you may run into difficulty is your team’s bandwidth when it comes to supporting each aspect within the platform as well as the integration with your other tools.

Consider this: An ABM platform takes a team of 5-7 people to appropriately run a pilot campaign. You’ll need a graphic designer, content writer, strategist, orchestration manager, marketing automation expert, and analytics and integration analyst. On average, each of these salaries will run around $70,000 to $80,000, minimum. Additionally, you will need to pay additional licensing fees for third-party platforms (intent data resources, for example).
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Launch Your ABM Pilot with Torn Digital

Partner with Torn Digital to build and execute an effective account-based marketing pilot programme. We're equipped to support you through each phase of your ABM path, whether it's a 1:many, 1:few, or 1:1 campaign.

An ABM pilot campaign is essentially a trial run, aiming to establish a proof of concept for a broader go-to-market strategy, marking a new chapter in your B2B company's growth.
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Download our 45-Day ABM Pilot Campaign Roadmap

Strategy and Project Scope

Timeframe: The strategy for an ABM pilot involves selecting high-value target accounts to market to. This phase should last four to six months to assess the strategy’s effectiveness and potential for results. With Torn Digital guiding your campaign, you can expect to see results on the earlier side of this timeline, ensuring timely outcomes as our combined efforts in marketing and sales foster ongoing, effective communication.

Team and roles: Even though it's a pilot campaign, involving the entire team is essential. Marketing and sales should work closely from the outset, engaging in continuous, cyclical communication to drive the programme's success.
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Goals and KPIs:  Goals for the pilot should align with overall revenue objectives, focusing on engagement, account penetration, and generating new opportunities. Torn Digital will collaborate with your team to set these goals, providing a roadmap for expanding the ABM strategy.

Your Targets:  Begin your pilot with about 10 key accounts, chosen with insights from your sales team to identify cross-selling, up-selling, and re-engagement opportunities from both current and previously lost prospects.
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Analyze Your Tech Stack

A thorough understanding of your technology stack is critical for a successful ABM pilot. Torn Digital will conduct an in-depth audit of your existing marketing technologies to ascertain which tools are contributing to your goals and which may need upgrading.

This analysis helps pinpoint essential technologies that are crucial for your current and future marketing strategies. Additionally, we'll identify any gaps in your tech capabilities and recommend investments that could enhance your marketing efforts moving forward.

Asset Creation: Personalization and Customization

Creating targeted, high-quality content is crucial, even for a pilot that focuses on a limited number of accounts. Our team at Torn Digital excels in crafting personalised and customised content that resonates with each target account. From white papers and case studies to digital ads and email campaigns, every piece of content is designed to engage and convert.

Our goal is to ensure that all materials reflect the unique needs and interests of each targeted account, thereby increasing the effectiveness of the campaign.

Pilot Campaign Execution

At Torn Digital, we approach the setup and execution of your ABM pilot with meticulous attention to detail. From integrating ABM tools to refining strategies and prepping assets, our preparation is exhaustive. Once launched, the campaign will run across multiple channels such as programmatic advertising, paid search, content marketing, and paid social media. This multi-channel strategy ensures comprehensive coverage and maximises the opportunities to engage with target accounts effectively.

Measure and Optimize Campaign

Launching the pilot is merely the beginning of the ABM initiative. At Torn Digital, we are committed to continuously monitoring the campaign’s performance and making necessary adjustments to optimise results. Our process includes detailed reporting and analytical insights that allow us to refine tactics in real-time.

By evaluating campaign performance against established KPIs, we can make data-driven decisions that improve outcomes and drive towards achieving your strategic goals.

ABM Pilot Campaign Estimate

Initiating an ABM pilot can be challenging and costly without expert guidance, often requiring extensive team resources and significant technology investments. By partnering with Torn Digital, you can leverage our expertise to manage your pilot efficiently, minimising overheads and maximising ROI.

We provide a structured framework that reduces the complexity and cost of running a pilot, allowing you to focus on strategic decisions rather than operational challenges.

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